Expert In 60 Days Android App Development Course by Blazelogix in Abbottabad

Blazelogix offers an extensive Android App Development Course in Abbottabad, designed to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge required to develop high-quality Android applications. This two-month course, priced at 30,000 Pakistani Rupees, includes one-hour daily classes with a scheduled timetable to ensure a structured learning experience. The course covers everything from the basics of Android development to advanced features, including user interface design, data storage, networking, and performance optimization. Participants will learn to use Android Studio, Java, and Kotlin to build robust and interactive mobile applications. This comprehensive course aims to prepare students for successful careers in mobile app development, equipping them with the necessary tools and techniques to excel in the industry.

Android App Development Course Outline

1. Overview of Android OS 2. Setting Up the Development Environment 3. Introduction to Android Studio 4. Basics of Java and Kotlin for Android
1. Understanding Activities and Lifecycles 2. Intents and Intent Filters 3.Fragments and Fragment Lifecycle 4. Understanding Services and Broadcast Receivers
1. XML Layouts and Views 2. Practice with Linear Layout 3. Practice with Constraints Layout 4. Practice with Relative Layout 5. Handling User Inputs
1. Adapters And Custom Adapters 2. Navigation Components 3. Animations and Transitions 4. Implementing Menus and Dialogs
1. SharedPreferences 2. SQLite Database 3. CRUD APP SQLite Database
1. Introduction To MySql 2. Introduction To Volley Library 3. Login & Sign Up 4. Curd App With Volley Library
1. Firebase Authentication 2. Firestore and Realtime Database
1. Project Planning and Requirement Analysis 2. Building a Real-World Android Application 3. Code Reviews and Best Practices 4. Final Project Presentation and Assessment
1. Introduction to Freelancing Platforms 2. Creating an Effective Freelancing Profile 3. Bidding on Projects

Blazelogix's Android App Development Course in Abbottabad is designed to provide a comprehensive and practical learning experience, preparing participants to become proficient mobile app developers. The course covers all essential aspects of Android development, from basic concepts to advanced features, ensuring that students have the skills and knowledge to build robust and interactive mobile applications. Additionally, the freelancing module helps students navigate the freelancing job market, effectively market their skills, and manage client relationships. With a balanced mix of theoretical concepts and hands-on projects, this course is ideal for individuals looking to advance their careers in mobile app development. The two-month duration, with one-hour daily classes and a scheduled timetable, offers an intensive yet manageable learning schedule for aspiring developers.

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