Expert in 60 Days Advance Web Development PHP + Laravel Course by Blazelogix

Blazelogix offers an in-depth PHP + Laravel Course designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge required to develop robust and dynamic web applications. This two-month course, priced at 30,000 Pakistani Rupees, includes one-hour classes daily, with Sundays off. It covers both fundamental and advanced aspects of PHP programming and the Laravel framework, providing a comprehensive understanding of back-end web development. Participants will learn about PHP syntax, object-oriented programming, database integration, and the MVC architecture using Laravel. The course aims to prepare students for successful careers as web developers, enabling them to build scalable and maintainable applications.

Advance Web Development Course Outline

1. Overview of PHP 2. Setting Up the Development Environment 2. Basic PHP Syntax 3. Variables, Constants, and Data Types 4. Control Structures (if, switch, loops) 5. Functions and Arrays
1. Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in PHP 2. Classes and Objects 3. Inheritance, Interfaces, and Traits 4. Error and Exception Handling 5. Working with Files and Directories
1. Introduction to MySQL 2. Connecting to a Database 3. CRUD Operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete)
1. Overview of Laravel Framework 2. Setting Up Laravel Environment 3. Laravel Directory Structure 4. MVC Architecture in Laravel
1. Basic and Advanced Routing 2. Creating and Using Controllers 3. Middleware and Route Groups 4. RESTful Resource Controllers
1.Introduction to Blade 2.Template Inheritance 3. Displaying Data and Blade Directives
1. Introduction to Eloquent ORM 2. Defining and Using Models 3. Relationships (One-to-One, One-to-Many, Many-to-Many) 4. Query Builder and Eloquent Methods
1. Introduction to Migrations 2. Creating and Running Migrations 3. Database Seeding
1. Creating Forms in Laravel 2. Form Validation and Error Handling 3. Handling File Uploads 4. CSRF Protection
1. Introduction to Authentication 2. User Registration and Login 3. Implementing Authorization and Policies 4. Role-Based Access Control
1. Project Planning and Architecture 2. Building a Real-World Laravel Application 3. Code Reviews and Best Practices 4. Final Project Presentation and Assessment
1. Preparing the Application for Deployment 2. Setting Up a Production Server
1. Introduction to Freelancing Platforms 2. Creating an Effective Freelancing Profile 3. Bidding on Projects 4. Client Communication and Management

Blazelogix's PHP + Laravel Course is designed to provide a thorough and practical learning experience, preparing participants to become proficient web developers. The course covers all essential aspects of PHP programming and the Laravel framework, ensuring that students have the skills and knowledge to build scalable and maintainable web applications. Additionally, the freelancing module helps students navigate the freelancing job market, effectively market their skills, and manage client relationships. With a balanced mix of theoretical concepts and hands-on projects, this course is ideal for individuals looking to advance their careers in web development. The two-month duration, with one-hour daily classes and Sundays off, offers an intensive yet manageable learning schedule for aspiring developers.

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